Mt mt mt obrigada! Você não tem ideia do quão feliz isso me faz saber que você não esqueceu do meu aniversário. :3 Vários anos de vida e bastante conquistas pra ti, espero que esteja bem também! <3

Hi, Emma! You haven't been on here for a while, so hopefully when you do come back you'll see this. As promised...Happy 16th Birthday! :3 I wish you all the best! And may all your wishes come true! Have an amazing day :***

Yeah I haven’t been ‘round here lately but still; sometimes I just login and keep watching you guys from far. Anyway, thank you so much Ana! Not only for the birthday wishes but for the ‘Emma’ jfdhfuierhbfsdjkw it makes me really happy you don’t know how! Thank you once again, all the best for you as well. <3


if i’ve ever liked you or had a crush on you

you must be pretty special and done something right bc i hate 95% of humanity 

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i want people to like things i like but i don’t because they’re my things

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